Microcis Kankoor

A software which brings you the taste of Kankoor exam in your computer screen.

Microcis Konkoor is the only and first Konkoor examination software in Afghanistan which delivers powerful and actionable data to assess learning outcomes and improve student learning, engagement, and retention. Microcis Konkoor simulates the Konkoor exam for school students, and makes them prepare for the key exam in whole students' life. Its unique tools and features enable students to more efficiently and practically taste the exam and analyze resulting data to improve their readiness for the exam.

Followings are some of the features of this great didactic software

  • Kankoor question bank of 16000 useful questions along with answer key.
  • Konkoor exam simulator with all the details of real Konkoor exam including; exam, choice of school, and results.
  • Exam review, showing the wrong answered questions along with the true answer for better learning.
  • Seeing the results of other Konkoor users across Afghanistan.
  • Specialized consultancy on how to do a successful exam for school students and Konkoor participants.
  • Familiarizes you with each line of study, pre-requirements, subjects, necessary strengths, future career of each major in Afghanistan.
  • Ability to review your own improvements over time since using this software.
  • Multi-user utilization and comparison of each user's improvements against other users.
  • Familiarizes you with the filling of different forms including; registration form, answer key, exam details and choice of school.
  • And so many other useful features all in one box.