Microcis Panda

An accounting software that is built to transform old and outdated paper based systems into a fully localized, reliable, fast, transparent and digitalized system.

Microcis Panda is a unique and professional finance and accounting software designed and built for small to medium businesses in Afghanistan. The software will help you plan your budget, control spending , issuing invoices, controlling sales and purchases, monitor income, revenue and credits, control your inventory, taking reports from your cash, banks, inventory, as well as different standard balance sheets that helps you reach your business goals quicker and more efficiently. Simplicity, reliability, and after sales support make the program a perfect solution for small to medium businesses accounting.

Some features are including as follow:

  • Invoicing: Sales, Purchases, Returned Invoices.
  • Payment transactions: Cash, Check, Transference.
  • Multicurrency.
  • Dual book keeping.
  • Different accounting books, including: Journal, Balance sheet, Income statement, Subsidiary balance.
  • Unlimited inventories.
  • Unlimited cashes.
  • More than 50 financial reports in details.
  • More than 20 different reports for products and inventories.
  • Three sublevel for products categories.
  • Portable: Anytime, anywhere makes easier to get the job done!
  • Different reports in graph frames.
  • Print any document you want or export the data into excel, word and PDF files.
  • High level security including password protected users, user management with different rights/permissions, backing up data, restoring data.
  • Different reminders for check and transference overdue.
  • Three different look and feels for those who love beautiful interfaces.
  • Accessible help available in each window.
  • The network version also makes you able to have different users in your crowded office each handling different tasks.
  • So many other features that you have not seen in any other Persian product!