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Businesses operating in Afghanistan face many challenges in finance and inventory, advertising, and business administration. In finance and inventory customers have problems with transparency, accuracy, reporting, and optimization of resources. For advertising customers have problems with reaching new customers as well as maintaining customer relationships. In business administration and management customers are facing problems with workload distribution, task management, and project management.
Microcis uses IT solutions to enables businesses to transform their operations with modern technologies. Through use of Microcis's services and products, clients are able to realize their business potential by either, speeding up the production and processes or cutting cost and time consuming. At Microcis, we strive to create long-term relationships with our clients. We work in partnership with our clients to create solutions that build tangible long term value for brands, business and culture for them.

Software Development

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Financial Services

Let us help you and speed up your work! Whether your enquiry is small or corporate basis, the major financial decisions that you make will have significant and life-changing consequences.

Digital Productions

Let us connect you with your target market and bring you a bunch of new customers!